Monday, November 18, 2013


The month of November is a wonderful time! The crisp fall air and warm heavenly scents are so comfy! However, this November is a little difficult for me as it will be my first Thanksgiving away from home. It will be different not to eat my mom's delicious food and go to a movie with the fam, and I will miss sitting around with Quinn's family going through all of the Black Friday ads and playing cards.

While this is a little tough for me and I will miss our families a lot, I decided to remind myself what Thanksgiving is all about. Being grateful for what I do have. I may not have our families physically here on Thanksgiving, but we have telephones and Face time! I have Quinn and Mila. We have amazing friends to eat dinner with! I already have an awesome shopping buddy {Crafty Chelsea} lined up for Black Friday! You know she will be a good one to have around:)

So, I know I will be okay. I am grateful for the new people here that I have met to help make this Thanksgiving bright. I am also SO grateful that we have such wonderful family we have left behind, and that is what makes it so tough:)

Love you and miss you all Gardners and Goeringers!

To keep my chin up, I made myself none other than a PRINTABLE:) They are so pretty to look at and can be good reminders.

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  1. I can't wait to go shopping with you on Black Friday! Also, printables make me happy too :) Yours are always so cute!